Goal Setting

March 19, 2015

Over the years the goal setting exercise in GGL has evolved as a complete management training and development program building team spirit, fostering creativity, unraveling new talents and championing the Guardian way of competition and winning.


The countdown for the year 2015 Goal setting exercise started off in December 2014 with the announcement of five cross functional and two sales teams. The seven teams under designated team leaders each were given various topics to work on with the focus being value enhancement in different areas like Production, Selling and General Administration, Procurement and Maintenance, Transportation and Shipping, Sand Plant and Revenue Enhancements in Sales.


Various competitive events were thrown in along the course of event, which saw intense competition among the teams bringing forth the creative best among the team members and ensuring that it was not all about work but had its fun moments too. Among the highlights was the cooking contest where teams were asked to prepare different food items for all employees and their families. The surprise event was the Grid Football where a Football ground with grid was created and players were positioned into the grids to play the game. The special rules were defined to make the game interesting.


A gala finale concluded the event with the winners being announced in various categories and the main award for the overall best team.