Mirror & Decorative Glass



Innovative mirror from Guardian for better performance and more durability.

Sparkle Mirror™

The brilliant, crystal-like transparency of UltraClear™ low-iron glass makes it an obvious choice when colour neutrality and maximum clarity count. Perfect for doors, entranceways, display cases, partitions, railings, and decorative applications.

Bronze & Grey Mirror

Tint Mirror is perfect for any interior space-decorative walls, wardrobe doors, display cases, and more. Rooms sparkle when MODIGUARD® Tint Mirror reflects artwork, sculpture, and unique interior architecture.


DecoCristal glass is lacquered with a coloured and opacified paint. This results in a strong and shiny colour which adheres to the glass. Paint can be of different colours. DecoCristal glass can be used for all interior design projects, whether in public institutions, offices or homes. In applications such as vertical panels, sliding doors, kitchen cabinets, tables and cabinets, style, color and brightness combine to give the project a new and better dimension.